Milking systems for sheep and goats


Milkplan S.A. provides milking systems - parlous for sheep and goats. Manufactured and assembled to the highest ISO standards, Milkplan S.A. milking systems - parlours are designed to meet the particular animal temperament and special needs.The process of smooth entry and immediate caging does not stress the animals. Herd calmness is critical and has direct benefit to increase milk production and thereby increase profit of the farmer.

Milkplan S.A. is equipped with latest generation mechanical equipment including CAD/CAM laser machines for cutting and welding metal sheets and tubes. Additionally, years of cooperation with word leading livestock and farming suppliers assures that our systems are of world class quality.

 Milkplan S.A. years of experience in manufacturing, installing and maintaining hundreds of milking systems and parlours either in Greece or abroad, enabled us to incorporate innovative ideas into our systems in order to ensure optimum milking and washing performance providing the farmer:

  1. Maximum production
  2. Minimum risk of infections and diseases
  3. Excellent milk quality
  4. Reduced maintenance costs
  5. Best value for money


  • Equipment that achieves maximum amount of milk in less time
  • Units with high technology and automation
  • Money and water saving by using electronic programmers (PLC, INVERTER e.t.c.)
  • Excellent wash under C.I.P. for elimination of infections by using chemicals of small dissolution exclusively certified by the National Organization of Medicines



  • Parallel and single row configurations available
  • Pulsator and automatic washing control panel Voltage:230V AC 
  • Frequency 50HZ / 60HZ 
  • Milk tank capacity: 35, 55, 80, 100 lt 
  • Minimum water pressure: 0,5 bar 
  • Maximum water pressure: 8 bar 
  • Water tank capacity: 120, 240, 380 lt 
  • Compressor Power: 3 hp, 200 lt tank 
  • Vacuum Unit Power: 200 - 3300 lt (or 2X) 
  • Vacuum Collector Capacity: 135 lt 
  • 12000W Resistance for direct heating and maintenance of water temperature during recirculation 
  • Inverter, Air injector and vacuum increasing device during the wash stream save water and reduce the deterioration of all electric  motors in the system 
  • Soft start pump to avoid “stressing” milk