armektron easy set up

MP Armektron Easy set Up


The MP Armektron F4A and MP Armektron S4S series are also available with the “Easy-Set-Up” structure for easy and fast installation without the need for a special space arrangement (pit, tiles, drainage etc).

The MP Armektron Easy-Set-Up is ergonomically designed to occupy the minimum space possible depending on the size of the herd, while ensures smooth milking and animals' health.

It can integrate entry / exit ramps, a stall with individual feeding troughs, side doors, a feeding tank, an automatic feeding mechanism, liners and milk claws, a milk receiver, electronic pulsators, a vacuum unit as well as a Pulse & Wash 2to1 washing system for automatic washing and control of the pulsators, or the Simple Wash for farms that do not need automatic cleaning.

MP Armektron Easy-Set-Up is ready for use without extra installation costs. It includes an electrical switchboard or generator and can be installed in any place.